Company Background

Fox-3 Strategic Advisors, Inc. has been in business for eight years with clients that include: Royal Dutch Shell, EuroCity, the Canadian Armed Forces, Queen's University, the Canadian Forces College, General Electric, CDP Communications Inc., Calian Corporation, The Governance Network, The Royal Military College and the Center for Civil Military Relations among others.

The company’s focus is on Leadership Development, International Military Consulting, Strategic Planning & Operational Risk Management.  As Fox-3 continues to grow, the focus will be on furthering engagement with corporate clients and solidifying our position as the “go to” consultancy for strategic planning and leadership development.

The company’s name comes from the communication brevity code word associated with an active air-to-air missile launch and is used by fighter pilots in real life engagements or training.  An active missile will track the hostile target by relying on guidance from the host aircraft until the missile is close enough to use its own radar for active, terminal guidance and target destruction.

Fox-3 Strategic Advisors, Inc. will provide solutions to your organization with the same mindset as an active missile.  Once invited into your company and launched, we will zero in on the issues and challenges in your organization that are adversely affecting your mission execution and will help you correct or eliminate them. 

Please contact us to discuss how Fox-3 Strategic Advisors, Inc. can benefit your company.

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